Tablo charges 22 netizens with defamation

Tablo of Epik High has revealed on the 29th that he has charged 22 netizens with defamation.

Prosecutors explained that 22 netizens were charged with defamation, all members of an internet cafe titled TaJinYo, which stands for We Request the Truth From Tablo. The 22 netizens claimed that Tablo did not have a master’s degree from Stanford, Tablo’s report card was created by himself, and that Tablo applied for the CIA and spread these posts all over the internet.

A representative of the prosecutors stated, “We’ve recently received the case and have started investigations. We’ve sent the case to the police and are currently leading the investigations.

Currently, the IPs and user IDs recorded in the petition are being traced.

A representative of the police station investigating the case revealed, “After we check the illegality of the posts and IDs being charged, we will move on to summoning them for further investigation.

The internet cafe in question has 125,000 members with 32,000 posts as of the 29th. The cafe has revealed that they will also be charging Tablo through the help of a professional law expert, making many anticipate another round of controversies for the case.

Tablo already warned that he would be charging the netizens for defamation last April, once they continued their accusations against him by creating false rumors even after he revealed his diploma through a lawyer.

Source: Nate


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