Se7en and Taeyang are running shirt brothers

Once again, we get to see members of the YG family interacting with each other and having fun. This time it was during the Incheon Korean Music Wave Festival, which was recently held last night.

On the 29th, Se7en uploaded two pictures of himself on Twitter with Big Bang’s Taeyang, and he included the comment, “W TAEYANG!!! We are the running shirt brothers!!! At the KMW waiting room~~ in Incheon… Haha”.

In the photo, you can see both Taeyang and Se7en wearing white muscle back tops while doing the warm hearted ‘V’ pose.

Fans who saw this showed great interest in the picture, to which some replied, “Even if you guys are just wearing muscle backs, you guys still look awesome”, “Even your backs are awesome!”, and “Taeyang’s muscles are sexy.”

Soon after the festival finished, Se7en uploaded another two pictures with Taeyang, and this time they were playing arcade games. He left the message, “We were going to eat after the performance but there was an arcade game next to us…haha BACK TO THE world of childhood innocence ^^ W MA B.”



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