2PM’s Taecyeon dresses up as a woman!

2PM’s Taecyeon challenged himself into dressing himself as a woman.

Taecyeon posted a photo of himself at the 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave Concert waiting room, dressed up as a woman, along with a message saying “when it comes to long hair, it’s gotta be Ok Taecyeon!” on his twitter on the 28th. In the photo, he is posing cutely with a long wavy wig on, and with his index finger on his cheek. Taecyeon also told the situation back then, saying “As soon as the dry rehearsal was started, the introduction of ‘Without U’ was started, and it was lightening, thundering and raining unbelievably. If it was a main broadcast, it would have felt like filming our music videos again for real?”

The fans’ responses after seeing the photo were all different. While some fans complimented him saying, “pretty”, “it matches you”, some fans persuaded him not to dress up as a women saying “I don’t think dressing as as women is for you”, “your masculine images fit you much better”

2PM is striving for preparing their encore concert in September.



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