Jay fanclubs donate 2,430kg of rice and various other events for the advancement of disabled athletics

Park Jaebum’s fanclub collects donations for the advancement of disabled athletics

On the 28th, popular singer and ambassador for disabled athletics Park Jaebum held his first fan meeting in Korea at Koryeo University.

The fan meeting was bustling like a real concert setting with various Park Jaebum fanclubs preparing meaningful events for KOSAD.

A donation event for the advancement of disabled athletics in front of the gymnasium first caught the attention of many. Park Jaebum’s fanclub members set up a booth and photo zone and actively worked for the donation event.

There were also rice bags in the place of congratulatory wreaths that are custom for such events, capturing the attention of many. Many of Park Jaebum’s fanclubs donated rice in support of disabled athletics.

One fanclub member stated, “Jaebum stands at the front of the line for such good deeds and we, too, want to follow him. We will work hard to help the advancement of disabled athletics right alongside Jaebum.”

Regarding the donations that will be collected through tomorrow, KOSAD stated, “It will be used for the advancement of disabled athletics. I think that the caring hearts of these people will become a bigger strength to the disabled rather than the actual amount of money.”
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