Could you be Kim Hyun-joong’s crush?

The SS501 leader/actor has recently confessed the truth about past loves.
Kim Hyun-joong is not the agressive type of man. The star confessed at the recent press conference of his upcoming drama “It Started With A Kiss” that he has many unrequited loves. Hyun-joong has been quite the shy guy when it came to confessing his true feelings for a lady. He even identifies with Jung So-min’s character with unrequited feelings of love.

This just leaves one question,Could you be Kim Hyun-joong’s love and not even know it?

We highly doubt it,but it’s still fun to fantasize,right?

Now,how does this shy guy feel about his on-screen kiss?

I have only seen Jung So-min a few times and had to film the kiss scene during the beginning of the drama filming, it seems like it was awkward. Because of the awkwardness, it seems like the scene was more natural. I didn’t want a mischievous kiss like the title.”

MBC’s “It Started With A Kiss” will premiere September 1st at 9:55pm (KST).

*A Special Thanks to Rainaftershine for the english translation  of the interview.


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  1. Princess Jezzebelle

    Wow… i like this type of guy.. eheheh… 🙂

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