Teen Top Chunji-Changjo is “like a baby”

Teen Top(Cap,Niel,Ricky,L.Joe,Changjo,Chunji) revealed a selca of Chunji and Changjo, on the 26th, on their twitter.

With the picture, Teen Top wrote, ” Yoohoo~ we finished out fansigning, and we’re on the way to Seoul~Lul Lu Lal La~next time more people come, ok~? -changjo.”

After Changjo finished his fansigning, he looked like God, and Chunji’s make-up was nicely done, so he looked like a young girl.

The fans that saw the pictures replied, ” Chunji is beautiful like a woman,” they both look like babies,” since they’re young, they look pale.”

The average age of Teen Top is 17.3, so they debuted at a pretty young age. Leader C.A.P is born in 1992, and also the oldest. Ricky and Changjo are born in 1995, so they’re 16.

source: Newsen
trans by teentoplover@6teensontop


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