Playful kiss/Mischievous Kiss recreate Boys Over Flowers syndrome?

Will drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ be able to recreate ‘Boys over Flowers’ syndrome?

‘Mischievous Kiss’ is being called the ‘similar drama’ with ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which gained huge popularity in Korea last year, and has been compared to it in many aspects.

MBC new Wed-Thu drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ originated from a same-titled comic. Original comic sold 27million copies in Japan itself and was made into animation and TV drama in Japan and Taiwan, causing a syndrome in 13 countries in Asia where it was aired.

Like ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which was made into drama in Korea after Japan and Taiwan, and was very well received, ‘Mischievous Kiss’ is also the third to produce, and gaining attention to see if it will be able to gain huge popularity in Asia.

A lot of attention was gain especially that this is produced by the producers of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Group Eight, and the rising Hallyu star of the next generation, Kim HyunJoong who also acted in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, to act as the male lead in this drama.

Group Eight representative Song ByungJoon said “We are worried as it is tough competition. I believe that people who has crush on someone or anyone who has memories of loving another, can relate well. Please look forward to this beautiful drama.”

Director Hwang InRoi, who is the director for ‘Mischievous Kiss’ after ‘Goong’ and ‘Goong 2’, increased the anticipation for the drama with touching scenes and delicate touch in the teaser video shown today.

Director Hwang InRoi revealed his intention for the drama “Basically, we will try to keep all the good points from the originating comic and try to have the affectionate feelings in ‘Mischievous Kiss’. Even though we did some changes as such, we are going to have a happy ending which most people look forward to for an end. I am trying hard to express the feelings of young people.”

Director Hwang added his anticipations about the actors/actress, “We are able to keep the feelings of the comic, I think Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin are able to keep to my expectations. Both of them are rookie actor/actress, though they sometimes have troubles expressing themselves in front of the camera, I think it will make it more suitable for this drama.

‘Mischievous Kiss’, by Kim HyunJoong, Jung SoMin, Lee TaeSung, Lee ShiYoung, etc, will start on 1-Sep after ‘Road Number One’.


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