Introducing rookie girl group B.Dolls

With the current girl group boom successfully dominating Korea’s music industry, you can now add one more to the list in 2010.

Rookie girl group B.Dolls consists of four members whose names are Seung Joo, Geun Young, Ha Yeon, and Tae Yoon, and they have an average age of 24. B.Dolls is a talented girl group that underwent one year of harsh training in order to prepare for this album.  Their first offering will be titled “Disco Town”, and it will showcase each members’ own distinct characteristics.

The title track is accompanied with a trendy retro concept where all the members show their cute but sexy, feminine image in a stylish manner.

As more and more girl groups appear in the industry, it will be harder for each one to hold their distinct charm and become loved by the public. It’s already hard for me to keep track of all these new girl groups that are coming out, and I’m sure many others feel this way also.

I wish the best of luck to B.Dolls, because unless they show a truly unique side of themselves in terms of music style, the group will just be another face in the crowd.


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