Han Chae Ah apologizes for confusing 2AM with 2PM

Actress Han Chae Ah has officially apologized to members and fans of 2AM for accidentally confusing 2AM for 2PM while presenting an award yesterday evening.

On the stage of the 2010 Mnet 20’s Choice Awards, Han Chae Ah was a presenter alongside Son Ho Young, and they were set to announce a recipient of the top 20 influential stars in 2010. However, instead of calling the actual selected group, 2AM, she mistakenly called 2PM, although she rectified the mistake quickly.

After the awards ceremony, she publicly apologized for the mistake on her Cyworld. She began her apology with, “The worst mistake I can make in my entire life… ㅜㅜ.” She went on to say, “I am very sorry to have made this grave a mistake during such a huge ceremony and meaningful moment,” and that “I am so sorry to the members of 2AM, and to the fans of 2AM too, I am so sorry.”

In addition, she sincerely asked for forgiveness from the general public, “I made such a big mistake due to my inexperience and anxiety, if everyone could graciously forgive me for my mistake, I will work harder to become better in the future.”

Fans of 2AM who visited Han Chae Ah’s Cyworld consoled her with words of comfort, saying that, “It wasn’t the worst mistake you could make in your entire life.”


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