Yoona for eco-handkerchief campaign

SNSD Yoona was chosen as the eco-handkerchief campaign model.

Eco-handkerchief campaign is chosen to celebrate the Innisfree 10th anniversary of the environment campaign. The campaign uses handkerchiefs instead of hand dryers such as paper towel for environment purposes.

In some Yoona’s picture showed some tips of how to use handkerchief. Some tips are “After you wash your hands, wipe it with handkerchief instead of kleenex or paper towel.”,  “while holding a cold beverage, use handkerchief to wrap the cup.”, “you can use it as an accessory.” etc.

Yoona expressed her thought by stating “By this little action, we can save the earth by decreasing the number of trees being cut down. I hope by me promoting it, I can help get more people involved and save the earth.

Eco-handkerchief will have their own exhibition that will take place on August 28-29th. Yoona herself designed the handkerchiefs along with 4 more designers. There will be a total of 16 designed and to those people who will go to the exhibition will get to see and buy the handkerchief. They will also sell limited number of handkerchief on Innisfree stores and online.

cr: Nate + Innisfree


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