Netizens alarmed with ‘Hot Star Award’ being given to the wrong star

With the ‘Hot Star Award’ going to 2nd place 2PM instead of 1st place Jaebum, fans have been crying out in suspicion at the 2010 Mnet 20’s Choice awards.

2PM participated in 2010 Mnet 20’s Choice awards on the afternoon of the 26th and won the Daum Search Hot Star Award, an award given to stars that netizens deem as the best.

The problem lies in the fact that 2PM is not actually the winner of this poll. According to the actual poll held from the 10th through the 24th, the ‘Daum Hot Star Award’ is supposed to go to Jaebum in 1st place with 54.2% of the votes.

2PM fell in to 2nd place with 32.4% of the support, leading many to wonder whether the two will appear on the same awards show.

However, 2PM won the award in place of 1st place, making many wonder how such a result came about. This award was already highly controversial amongst Jaebum and 2PM fans as a fight of pride and the results have left Jaebum fans unable to understand.

With news of Jaebum not participating in the show, suspicions have arised stating, “They’re just rigging everything.”

An Mnet associate spoke on the 25th with OSEN and stated, “There’s nothing confirmed but Jaebum will not be attending the awards show due to his schedule.”

However, on the 26th, they stated, “We are still checking.”



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