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Lee min ho attended Death Bell 2 premier(16.07.2010)

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Lee Min Ho – TRUGEN Fall Collection 2010

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Lee Min Ho – JANGIN Furniture 15s,20s Ver + Making Filming

Lee Min Ho draws picture of his ideal girl

woah..lee min ho is gr8 artist..especially he is very good at drawing..:))..well jst kidding…minho was in singapore as ambassdor of Lg to promote new lg cell phone…..he drew hi ideal girl in a fan meet…here is vdo..

Lee Min Ho – LG Optimus Meet&Greet in Singapore

Lee Min Ho – LG Press Conference in Singapore

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Lee Min Ho Going to Singapore for LG

e Min Ho going to SG for LG Optimus Event.for Minoz SG Good Luck :)

Incheon Airport

Changi Airport


2PM fans arrive to 2PM’s concert with crazy hair decorations!

2PM fans found the concert venue holding different light stick colors.

On the 31st at 7PM at the Seoul Olympics Gymnastics stadium, 2PM opened their first independent concert ‘Don’t Stop Can’T Stop’. On this day fans brought along light sticks that supported the members they liked the most. The most eye catching were Khun fans. These fans came wearing yellow sunflower-shaped hairpins, catching attention. One fan revealed “I’m a Nichkhun fan. To convey the ‘Nichkhun sunflower’ I matched it by wearing a sunflower-shaped hairpin. Other fans wore hairbands sporting the devil’s horns, toy pinwheels, and other various hair decorations. Some fans entered wearing blue polka dotted jump suits, while some of them came copying member Jang Wooyoung’s exact hair style. In addition there were overseas fans who garnered interest.


Shindong’s girlfriend likes Nichkhun more than Super Junior?

[TV Report] Recently revealing his girlfriend to the public and spoke up his mind about wanting to get married, Super Junior Shindong confessed about his awkward relationship with his girlfriend.

In the recent participation on KBS’s Happy Birthday recording, Shindong revealed that “My girlfriend likes 2PM Nichkhun more than Super Junior members”.

During recording, Shindong said that he is very conservative and has a bad guy personality. For instance, he said to his girlfriend, “I asked what she wanted to eat but eventually I ate what I wanted to eat”.

Members who also participated in the filming, Leeteuk, openly discussed about Shindong’s girlfriend, “There is no problem for him to announce about his girlfriend, but because of the talks going on about Shindong’s marriage, Shindong’s girlfriend has become more of an issue than the 4th album and it made us feel sad”. On Shindong’s girlfriend, Leeteuk said “She came to visit our dorm and we have met each other”. He also praised her, “She is a combination of cute, petite and sexy”.

Super Junior Shindong and Leeteuk’s recording for KBS 2TV’s “Happy Birthday” will be airing on August 2.

f(x)’s Luna & IU spotted at Lotte World!

Cutie IU and f(x)’s power vocals, Luna, has recently been spotted at one of Korea’s most famous themepark, Lotte World! Though they were out in public, the both of them were not sporting any make-up and was even more than glad to give their fans some fan service by taking pictures with them! Netizens who uploaded the photos commented, “They look like normal high schoolers”, “They look cute” , “They look amiable in those features” etc.

It’s nice to see idols coming out with their other celeb friends recently, isn’t it?

Source: TVDaily

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